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  MEC CENTER® Program

Training Center for Microsoft Offce and Microsoft Office Specialist exams.
This initiative is reserved to the Italian Microsoft Office Specialist iQcenter channel.

MEC CENTER® is an initiative of TESI AUTOMAZIONE s.r.l., Exclusive Italian Distributor and Official EMEA Reseller (Europe, Middle East and Africa) of the Microsoft Office Specialist Program. It accredits those Microsoft Office Specialist iQcenters (Authorized Testing Centers) which, apart from administering Microsoft Office Specialist exams, also provide classroom training programs aimed at achieving Microsoft Office Specialist certification.

To be accredited by TESI, these training centers must already be accredited Microsoft Office Specialist iQcenters. Furthermore they must meet a series of minimum requirements regarding the level and quality of classroom training for candidates who wish to take and pass Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams.

Minimum requirements for accreditation:

The training center must:

  • Have at least 2 (two) staff members with Microsoft Office Master Instructor certification to deliver training courses on Microsoft® Office applications for candidates wishing to take and pass Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams.
  • Use Microsoft Press Microsoft Office Specialist Courseware training manuals and didactic material.
  • Have training rooms which meet the technical requirements specified for Microsoft Office Specialist iQcenter training rooms. Personal Computers for each course participant and one for the trainer. The trainer’s PC should be connected to an SVGA video-projector (or similar device) for the projection of didactic material and slides used during the lessons. All the PCs must have the minimum hardware required to install, configure and use the Microsoft® Windows 95, 98 2000or XP operating system, and the Microsoft® Office 2000 or XP software (or subsequent version) necessary for the Microsoft Office Specialist courses. The software installed on the PCs must be licensed

Advantages of the Program

Participation in the MEC CENTER ® program will allow the Microsoft Office Specialist iQcenter to take advantage of special services designed to help the center implement the Microsoft Office Specialist Training and Certification program. iQcenters participating in the program will:

  • Be accredited as a Training Center offering training programs for Microsoft Office Specialist Certification
  • Be allowed to use the MEC CENTER® Logo reviewed on a global basis by Microsoft® Corporation (USA)
  • Participate in marketing and communications initiatives and events such as: fairs, workshops, meetings and other events.
  • Take part in Microsoft Office Specialist Training and Certification Projects developed by TESI on a regional or national level
  • Have a hyperlink from the www.moscert.com site to the center’s own web pages
  • Use the Microsoft Press Microsoft Office Specialist Courseware manuals for classroom training
  • Participate in training sessions arranged for commercial staff and trainers regarding the delivery of training for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification program.

You can become accredited by underwriting the MEC CENTER® contract with TESI. TESI evaluates and accredits Training Centers for training on Microsoft® Office applications for Microsoft Office Specialist Certification.

For further information write to the following TESI Automazione s.r.l e-mail address: mec@moscert.it

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The MEC CENTER ® program is a registered trademark and an initiative implemented and distributed exclusively in Italy by TESI Automazione S.r.l.© 2002 TESI AUTOMAZIONE s.r.l. All rights reserved. The logos, trademarks and programs cited in this document are the property of their respective companies. Their use is prohibited unless written authorization is obtained from the respective company.

TESI Automazione is the sole distributor of the Microsoft Office Specialist Program for Italy, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.